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A Warrior’s Heart: Perserverence

Published Date: April 21, 2015

Paperback, Kindle



After a brief period at home to put his affairs in order, pilot Graham Alexander Connelly returns to Inspiration Island with his co-pilot, Blaine… only this time, they’re letting someone else do the flying. Their last ‘unscheduled stop’ on the island was more than a bit unsettling… and it led Graham to a month-long journey of self-examination and discovery. On this trip, Blaine is introduced to the Japanese War Veteran that Graham very fondly refers to as Master Akio. What follows is an exciting, challenging and powerfully life-changing set of adventures that deepens the bond of friendship between them all. A Warrior’s Heart: Perseverance is an entertaining, captivating story sprinkled with delightful lessons about life, love, friendship and spirituality. An engaging read for anyone who has ever questioned who they are and what their purpose in life isEmbrace your own Warrior’s Heart and make your Warrior Spirit grow by reading A Warrior’s Heart: Perserverence  


Author Information

I have always loved to write and make up stories, but was a closet writer until 2010. That’s when I began to write seriously and let people see my work.

I really don’t like to be bound by facts so I love to write fiction, though I occasionally do write non-fiction. “The Relationship Survival Guide For Men: 7 Secrets Every Man Needs To Know About Women” is proof of my ability to write quality self-help material, but even my non-fiction is written with a lot of fun incorporated into it.

I was thrilled to have my dream of becoming an Amazon best-seller come true when the very first novel I published, “A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening” hit the best-seller list in 2012. That book was inspired by a recurring dream and it seemed to write itself. Not long into the writing, I realized the story would be a trilogy. This second book, “A Warrior’s Heart: Perseverance” turned out a little differently than I expected, as once again the story seemed to write itself and take a slight detour from what I anticipated… Enjoy the surprise! 

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