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Peachy “The Warrior Princess”

Published Date: November 6, 2014

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Peachy “The Warrior Princess” is a journey of hope, wisdom and love. Peachy was full of light, and even in her darkest moments she believed there was something better coming her way. Peachy is a teacher; she has taught her humans to never give up and never stop dreaming. She was also a warrior and a survivor. Peachy was also a Princess because once she realize she could have whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, she did became bossy and demanding. She was and still is, as we like to call her, “our little angel” in a dog disguise.

Author Information

Gabriela Duran was born in Mexico with a deep love for animals of all species; as a kid, she was fortunate to have a father that took her to ranches where she could interact with animals. Growing up, she had many different kinds of animals at home. Gabriela got her first dog was at age three, and since then she has walked her journey surrounded by many dogs. Gabriela has always feel deep in her heart the need to help animals-dogs, in particular-and has been involved with rescues for much of her life. She had no idea that Peachy came to her to help her grow; Peachy became her spiritual teacher.


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