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She Who Prays: A Woman’s Interfaith Prayer Book

Published Date: November 7, 2014

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My translations of ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Syrian Christian prayers, and co-authored newly inspired prayers and rituals for healing and reconciliation based on First Nation and women-oriented spiritualities for both individuals and groups.

“An indispensible resource for feminist communities engaged in the work of creating liturgy. It encompasses both new creativity and deep roots in historical traditions. A treasure to be used over a lifetime.” — Rosemary Radford Ruether, Carpenter Professor of Feminist Theology, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California

“A blessing on this house of prayer and an encouragement to other males of the species to nurture from these pages their feminine within.” — Jim Cotter, compiler of Prayer at Night’s Approaching

“For those with open hearts and minds, Jane and Pat provide a satisfying and practical resource of abundant layers. Their scholarship, faith and creativity will be welcome company for many who are seeking a wider and deeper experience of God.” — Judith Liro, chaplain, St Hildegard’s Center, Austin, Texas

Author Information

Jane, a dual citizen of Canada and the US, lives with one foot in Calgary and the other in Houston. She is the author of Fire & Spirit: A Woman’s Visionary Epic and lead author of She Who Prays: A Woman’s Interfaith Prayer Book). With a Ph.D. in Old Testament, an M.A. in Hebrew Studies, and a B.S. in Mathematics & Geology, her education bridges both science and religion. Jane’s life-long interest in interfaith dialogue began in her teens. She blends her Christian faith with Shamanism and an appreciation for Tibetan Buddhism and oracle cards. She has designed and led worship and workshops in Scotland, Texas, and Alberta. Jane’s truth is “I am a Christian healer who’s walking the Good Red Road as well as I can.”

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  1. Frederic & Mary Ann Brussart
    Frederic & Mary Ann Brussart November 7, 2014 at 8:56 am .

    “She Who Prays: A Woman’s Interfaith Prayer Book by Patricia Harris-Watkins and Jane Richardson Jensen (Jan 1, 2005) offers a novel interfaith perspective. They have assembled a soul-stretching interfaith resource that takes advantage of the riches and the wisdom of many religious traditions. This is an invaluable resource for anyone on a spiritual journey, but it will resonate especially with women searching for interfaith materials to incorporate into their devotional rites and celebrations.” — Frederic & Mary Ann Brussart, The Interfaith Observer,
    Oct 15, 2013

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