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The Crystal Textbook

Published Date: November 6, 2014

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The Crystal Textbook is laid out in two parts. Part I, “Working with Light and Crystals”, establishes a foundation of how light works, along with asserting the need for discernment in understanding how crystals work. Part II, “Crystals” discusses individual crystals. It is set up alphabetically, thus providing the reader with an easy way to go directly to the discussion of a particular crystal.

“The Crystal Textbook is a must have reference for those on the spiritual path. It is the first crystal reference book that finally explains how light works with crystal, in a way that resonated truth for me. Roger has eloquently provided the reader invaluable information on an abundance of crystals that will lovingly serve those on the path to enlightenment.”
Jillian Mitton, MSc, P.Eng., Reiki Master, Soulful Coach  


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