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The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment

Published Date: November 6, 2014

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The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment (volume one) is an inspired body of knowledge about how divine light works on Earth and in the heavens. It is the foundation treatise that exposes the difficulty behind the enlightenment process and our mission to bring light to Earth. Path to Enlightenment comes from the author’s angelic guides, the Councilate of the Ascended Light. Knowledge of the language of the light from higher dimensions has been expertly translated into everyday English. Discussion examines the topics, ideas, and concepts from the perspective of how they work with light and light frequencies. The spiritual path, soul, higher-self, and light body are defined. The process of enlightenment is defined. This book brings the mysteries that have shrouded spirituality in misconception into the light of day.


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